Coinpayu complete review A Crypto Faucet & PTC website



Coinpayu launched back in 2019, website is very popular in micro earning website. coinpayu have very good user base. On this website users earn micro money from this just by doing simple tasks. Today i will guide you how you can earn money from coinpayu and website features to maximize your earning. Let’s dive deep about tasks to earn money.


Coinpayu offer multiple type of ptc ads.

Surf Ads:

Surf ads are simple just like you see on other ptc website you get paid to watch users posted advertisment for a certain time to get some sotoshi.

Window Ads:

window ads is just like surf ads but ads are view in a frame. once the countdown finish you will be redirect to advertiser website.

Article Ads:

Article surfing is a new feature by coinpayu you can get paid to read articles.

Video Ads:

Coinpayu also offer video ads they also mention how can you get points by watching video ads.

“Get paid for watching your favourite videos. You can not view all the videos. Please choose your favourite videos to watch. Basically you can only watch 2 among 9 videos. When the available videos are watched, all videos will disappear.”

Offer Walls

you can earn satoshi by complete following offer walls to maximize your coinpayu earnings.

  • CPX Research
  • ayeT-studios
  • Adgatemedia
  • Yuno
  • Adsendmedia
  • Bitlabs
  • Inbrain
  • Offertoro
  • Pollfish
  • Wannads
  • Hangmyads
  • Adgem


In affiliate section you can find your referral links. Also coinpayu offer you to buy referral. you can referral in System market and from user market.


you can also advertise your website or your referral link on coinpayu. you can get thousands of views under one $1. They offer cheap advertisement solution. If you advertise crypto related website then you can get maximum exposer.


you can also earn interest on your money by staking. you can get information about stacking here.

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