List of Best Centralized Exchanges 2022



Centralized exchanges are dominating in crypto market. Just like forex exchange these exchanges allow its users to buy and sell crypto currency. Top centralized exchange offer variety of features like Liquidity, Security and number of trading pairs etc.. Centralized crypto exchange also offer peer 2 peer trading system. Centralized crypto exchanges are own by a company, corporation or a person. Centralized exchanges offers many types of deposit and withdraw method like bank transfer, credit/debit cards etc.. You have to complete kyc aml verfication.


List of Best Centralized Exchange



Binance is one of the top centralized crypto exchange. Binance offer number of pairs to trade crypto also offering future trading. Binance also launched BNB token also it was one of the first token that offer ICO in crowdfunding event. BNB token based on ERC-20 on ethereum blockchain. Binance reward its users who hold BNB token. Binance offer almost all exchange features. You can stake crypto, Earn interest on your crypto, NFT marketplace etc.. You have to complete kyc aml verfication.



OKEX exchange founded back in 2014. OKEX is based in Hong Kong. OKEX exchange is available on desktop and mobile. Okex exchange support more then hundred cryptocurrency and token to trade. OkEX also offer future trading. OKEX have low fees.You have to complete kyc aml verfication.



BitMex offers Peer-2-peer crypto trading platform that offers leveraged contracts. These contracts can be bought and sold in crypto currency. BitMEX offers high leverage for traders to trade crypto. BitMEX only offer crypto trading at this time. You have to complete kyc aml verfication.


Bitmart offers more then 1000 crypto tokens to store and trade. BitMart provide real time crypto trading. BitMart runs on Ethereum blockchain and follow ERC-20 token standard. You have to complete kyc aml verfication.



HitBTC is European crypto exchange founded back in 2013. HitBTC is advance centralized crypto exchange to buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin etc.. HitBTC is also one of the top crypto centralized exchange. You have to complete kyc aml verfication.



Kucoin is also another crypto exchange that offer trade crypto in centralized environment. You can trade as low as $1. Kucoin also provide peer2peer crypto trading and support fiat credit/debit cards etc.. You have to complete kyc aml verfication.



Coinbase is also centralized exchange and provide opportunity to buy and sell crypto. Coinbase also launched crypto educational platform to earn crypto free. Coinbase have largest database of users. You can trade crypto buy NFTs etc… You have to complete kyc aml verfication.

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