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Overview: is social bookmarking website you can post crypto news on this website, you can start discussion and interact with community. its a similar website to reddit. searchcrypt offer you to earn money from their website by using their website. let me tell you how you can earn from this website.


  • Registration (10points)
  • Submit Text post or link (5points)
  • Comment on other post (5points)
  • Upvote a post (1point)
  • Reaction on a post (1point)

Right now there is no limit on posting content on this website so you have chance to earn good, while getting familiar to latest news what is happening in crypto world. I have seen there earn page where they mention you can withdraw as low as 50 points to your account. Right now you can only withdraw points in to your Faucetpay (USDT) wallet address as they mention clearly on their website.

Once you reach the minimum withdraw points you can send request by filling a simple withdraw forum. Payment will be send to your wallet within 24hours. So its not bad to earn some extra coins from this website.

How to Withdraw:

After seeing this website I also search about crypto community social bookmarking website, then i realized that there is no social bookmarking website exist on internet accept this one. I already joined this website and believe me that you can make 50points on this website within 20 to 25 minutes. Also there is not a much content and the website is launched almost a week ago.

Its a good platform to interact with crypto community also they have features to ad other users as friend and message them. I suggest that you should also check out this awesome dedicated cryptocurrency community website, to update yourself and also share what’s happening in your mind about crypto. Feel free to check out my other articles.

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